Fundraising Policy

TO: Parents, Guardians, and Members of the GNA Senior Class 
FROM: Rachel Jeffries and Michael Zubritski, Senior Class Advisors
RE: Senior Class Fundraising Policies

Throughout the year, the senior class members will have the opportunity to take part in several different fundraising activities to help defray the cost of various senior year activities including:

--Annual Senior Trip to Florida (excluding initial deposit)
--Semi-Formal Tickets
--Prom Tickets
--Graduation Cap and Gown       
--Senior Shirt
--Class Ring


The activities must be school-sponsored to be eligible for payment. No checks will be issued or cut to students as the funds are transferred from one student organization to another through the Business Office. Any questions as to whether funds can be used for a specific event or activity should be directed to the Senior Class Advisors.

Some of the different school board approved fund raising activities that the class will have include:

David’s Cookie Dough
Save A Round Coupon Booklets
Gertrude Hawk Gourmet Candy Bars
Krispy Kreme Donuts
Superbowl Snack

The profit percentage of each fundraiser will be announced at the start of each sale. Profit percentages vary from year to year based on individual contractual agreements with each vendor.

The profits from these fundraisers are placed into an individual account for each senior. The balance of these accounts is available to each senior student by speaking to either of the senior class advisors.

If a senior wishes to use funds from his/her individual senior account, a payment voucher must obtained in-person from Mrs. Jeffries in Room 219. Please allot enough time to allow this request to be received and processed by both Mrs. Jeffries and the Business Office. The senior class advisors will not be responsible for payments issued beyond the due date because of a last minute request for payment submitted by a senior student.

As per school district policies on student fund raising and student activity accounts, unused fund raising money left in a senior’s personal account at the conclusion of the school year will be retained in the senior class general fund and will be utilized for the good of the entire senior class. No checks or gift cards will be issued to the student or their families at the conclusion of the school year. Additionally, funds are not transferable between senior student accounts.

Any questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the Senior Class Advisors.