Food Court Super Bowl Snacks
Food Court Super Bowl Snack Fundraiser

The fundraiser began 1.2.24. Brochures were distributed in homeroom. Orders and payments were due 1.16.24. Orders were delivered 2.8.24, just in time for Super Bowl LVII which will occur 2.11.24.

 Your orders will be here on Thursday afternoon 2/8/24. Pick-up will occur during period 7. Pay attention to the announcements and be sure to either be present or make arrangements with your senior advisors ahead of time as to who will pick up your order if you will be unable to do so. Senior sign-out may pick up at 1:45 p.m.

Food Court offers fabulous Bake and Serve Stromboli and Calzones.
The Microwaveable ZAP A Snack French Bread Pizzas are packaged in six individually wrapped frozen packages per box and are great to keep on hand for those busy times.
The Cheese & Garlic Pizza is great with spaghetti, or simply add a salad for a quick dinner.
The patented tray enables the pizza to crisp in the microwave.

In addition, Food Court offers Award Winning Pine River Cold Pack cheese, perfect to stock up on.

The desserts include ready-to-serve cheesecakes, Carrot and Pumpkin Roll just like Grandma made, Cheesecake Bites, Cinnabon OOEY Gooey Bites, and delicious frozen cookie dough.
The frozen dough and cheesecakes are great to keep on hand for special occasions and those last minute plans. We are also offering an assortment of party favorites, sweets & treats, snack mixes, and heartwarming soups suitable for GAME DAY and Valentines Day.

Delivery will occur before the SUPER BOWL between the week 2/5/24.

Make checks and money orders payable to: GNA Senior Class. If you have any questions or need additional brochures, please see: Mrs. Jeffries